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My First Novel - Angry Enough to Kill

My novel is currently with two Shelfstealers' editors, and I'm scared.  What if the novel isn't as ready as I hope it is?

If all goes well, they'll only find a few things I need to change, which means that Shelfstealers will release ANGRY ENOUGH TO KILL in the Fall of 2013. (Send me a message via the contact form, if you'd like me to notify you when it's available for pre-publication reviews, and when it's available for sale.)

About the book

Outraged by society's extraordinary failure to protect our children from predatory pedophiles, three San Francisco women take matters into their own hands, and good intentions become a one-way ticket to hell.

​The Troubled One: Haunted by a secret childhood shame and consumed by uncontrollable anger, Amber Grayson maintains a precarious balance between her career as a stockbroker and her marriage to David, an earnest and successful lawyer. But to keep other children from living a life like hers, she risks everything.

​The Moral One: Veterinarian Dr. Robin Piper, grieving widow and lapsed Catholic, feels guilty every time she puts an animal out of its misery. Taking a life - any life - is unthinkable . . . at first.

​The Crazy One: Seriously sexy car dealer Cassie Dubais drives men exactly where she wants to take them, but not where they want to go.

​Over dinner, wine and laughter, these three women design ten rules for committing the perfect murder, but when two of them decide to act, each learns that when you damn the consequences, the consequences damn you.

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